Some of my favorite spots are: the Berkeley fire trails (for a beautiful hike or a challenging trail run), the Berkeley RSF (for weight lifting and calisthenics), Yoga to the People (for Vinyasa Yoga), and the Berkeley YWCA (for dance classes)!


While politics has become a dirty word lately, the intended goal is fundamentally about working together to making our lives better. I find it valuable to keep up to date about what is going on in the world. Some of the campaigns that I am most excited about right now are Campaign Zero (policies for ending Police Violence in America) and Justice Democrats (democrats running for office who refuse to take corporate money).

The unfortunate reality is that many people’s lives are difficult for no good reason. Once you start to this, there is no going back. Thinking about how mistreatment due to gender, race, and class strongly impacts how I see the world. See my volunteering page for what I’m doing about it!


Ever since I started learning, I have been excited about the opportunity to share my positive experiences. I enjoy mentoring, teaching, and learning how to be a better communicator.