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Want to take your career to the next level? You have come to the right place! I offer four ways to help you achieve your goals:

  1. Weekly Office Hours
  2. The Essentials: Career Development Workshops
  3. Project Plan Review / Practice Qualifying Exam (deep learning, machine learning, software engineering)
  4. Extended One-on-One Coaching

How I can best help you? Email me at alexander. grant. anderson @ (remove spaces) to schedule a free 30 min consultation.

Weekly Office Hours

Grab dinner at chat! Unstructured time to discuss whatever you want in terms of your career growth and general self-improvement. Mondays from 6-7 pm PST. Email me for the zoom link. Let me know in advance if you plan to come!

Career Development Workshops

In this coaching offering, you will get access to the essential principles that got me where I am today. Not only will we discuss the obstacles that people typically encounter when applying these ideas, we will work together to figure out how you can practically apply these principles to your own life.

Workshop topics:

  • Extreme Productivity in Less Than 20 Hours a Week: The 5 by 5 by 45 Method
  • Overcoming Stagnation and Achieving Excellence: Identify, Optimize, and Execute Your Critical Loop
  • Stress-Free Collaboration: Build Trust and Overcome Workplace Conflict
  • Practical Advice for Building Confidence at Work
  • Focus: Work Less and Maximize Your Impact by Choosing the Best Projects

These one-hour workshops will have the following structure:

  1. Presentation on the core ideas with real-life examples
  2. Writing prompts for you to reflect on how these ideas can apply to you.
  3. Discussion of the prompts (one-on-one advice or group discussion)
  4. (Optional) Free-form discussion on whatever challenges you are currently having at work.

Email me to set up a time! If you have a like-minded friend who is also interested, I offer discounts to groups.

Project Plan Review / Practice Qualifying Exam

In this coaching offering, you will prepare a written project plan or an oral presentation, and I will give you detailed and actionable feedback in one or more paid sessions.

Strategically chosen projects are critical to the advancement of your career and a project plan will help you deliver high-impact results in a timely manner. One one hand, writing a plan will help you clarify your thinking and identify promising directions. On the other hand, a detailed plan empowers peers and mentors to give you personalized advice.

In an initial consultation, we will discuss what you should prepare so that I can give you the best possible advice. In a subsequent session, I will review your work and provide detailed feedback. These review sessions can be repeated in order to fine-tune your proposal. To get a general idea of what this might look like, consider the following questions for industry and academic proposals.

In the case of an industry proposal, your plan may discuss the following:

  • The current status of your project area and the current problems.
  • Why your project is most important thing that you can be doing within the scope of your job.
  • The revenue impact to the business / the reduction of internal costs.
  • The different design/architectural decisions and why is your approach the best one.
  • How this project will help you build your case for promotion.
  • The potential risks of the project failing and how can you mitigate them.

In the case of an academic research proposal, the plan may discuss the following:

  • The potential for the project to advance understanding within its field and the benefits to society.
  • A summary of the existing work on the subject and its limitations.
  • A well-reasoned research plan, outlining different alternatives, and why your approach is the best one.
  • Your current progress.
  • The likelihood that other researchers will build upon your work assuming that it is successful.
  • The way in which this this project fits within a long-term academic career trajectory.

Email me to set up a free consultation!

One-on-One Coaching

  • A free initial discussion to brainstorm goals and areas of improvement
  • Develop a weekly action plan to achieve a career goal that is meaningful to you
  • Personalized feedback on your progress via 12 one hour coaching sessions


Career success is the product of quality work put towards a valuable goal. My philosophy for career success involves three key components:

  • Do better work in fewer hours by improving your ability to prioritize
  • Multiply your impact by getting the most out of your interactions with your coworkers
  • Improve your work quality by managing your time, health and emotional well-being

Aims of the initial consultation and the first few sessions:

  • Identify a concrete goal to target and work together to develop a 12 week action plan. Example goals:
    • Do innovative work that will get you more respect and influence at work
    • Reduce work-related stress and attain a better work-life balance
    • Learn strategies to better manage difficult interactions with coworkers
  • Determine if there is a fit between my background and your career ambitions

Since a consistent commitment is necessary to achieve the best results, expect to meet weekly for at least 12 weeks once a clear action plan has been created.

About Me

When you look for a mentor, you want to look for three things. First, somebody who has accomplished things that you want to accomplish. Second, a person who can break down their process and give you personalized advice. Third, an individual that has a similar self-improvement style.

If you think we would be a good match, please reach out!

Email me at alexander. grant. anderson @ (remove spaces) to schedule a free 30 min consultation.

Track record at a glance,

  • Machine learning research scientist at an elite startup, Ph.D. from Berkeley with numerous publications, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washington University in St. Louis
  • Co-organizer and mentor for the Berkeley Compass Project, Teacher and camp counselor at the Awesomemath Summer Program, and Residential Peer Mentor at WashU


To get a sense of what I’ll be like as a coach, consider these endorsements from my collaborators during my Ph.D.:

Alex was my research mentor at UC Berkeley while I was an undergrad. He took me on for a few projects despite my major being unrelated to machine learning, and he worked really hard to teach me not only the subject matter and research best-practices, but a variety of general skills that I still apply day-to-day professionally. He was a great teacher who pushed me to do better every chance he got and he genuinely cared about my success.

– Cory Berg (paper published at ICLR)

Alex and I shared an office for over 2 years, during which time we worked on a number of projects and published a paper. Alex developed a clear strategy for the projects we worked on, outlining each sub-task with accompanying milestones. He provided helpful, constructive feedback any many projects in the broader group we were a part of. Many members of our broader group would seek advice from him on their projects or career trajectories.

– Ryan Zarcone, Ph.D.